Common issues

If the blistering speed of change and adaptation in 2020 portends the decade ahead, the twenties behold enormous promise of far reaching change. 

Be it artificial intelligence, internet of things, autonomous functionality or be it commitment to sustainable businesses through tangible environmental, social and corporate governance action, be it steps towards net zero carbon emissions or be it changes in our urban landscape and city centre regeneration, businesses will need to anticipate, prepare, innovate and change to be the trusted first choice of their customers.

And before all of that can happen, businesses need to be ready and prepared for success in the AFTER COVID era. 


  • Efficiencies, cost reduction, customer service, new markets and organisational agility are at the core of post pandemic visions and strategies. Does your vision and strategy reflect these priorities?
  •  Current business models can’t cater to new revenue streams and markets. Do you have a new target operating model in place? 
  • Securing executive and governance endorsement to your vision, strategy and operating model is vital. Do you have Board approval on the business case, target operating model and its rollout?
  • Detailed and meticulous design of technology systems, processes and roles is critical to success. Have you stress tested the organisation design and blueprints of your new operating model?
  • Gaining employee and stakeholder commitment to any new operating model is fundamental. Are you prepared to demonstrate convincingly the benefits of your proposed changes?
  • Having the right leadership team and HR capabilities in place to partner with business successfully through its transformation is a key differentiator for success. Do you have the right people in your leadership team and the HR capability to guide the business through its transformation? 

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