Our approach

Our values of Independence, Integrity, Transparency, Respect, and Quality anchor all our work. 

Following initial discussions and formal acceptance of our proposals we take an approach founded on the principle of “seek first to understand, then to be understood”.

We take time to carefully asses existing business situations, arrangements and contexts to comprehensively understand all associated dependencies and stakeholder viewpoints. 

We then exhaustively prepare options for clients to choose from and progress to detailed design and implementation.

Knowledge Transfer is a crucial aspect of how we work as it ensures continuity long after our involvement has ended.  

As a baseline, our clients can expect

  • For major projects, an outline action plan within 4 to 6 days review and assessment of current situation 
  • For shorter 2 to 3 day projects, an outline action plan would be presented as a discussion document
  • Close partnership and collaboration with your management team throughout short/long term projects
  • Delivery to agreed timelines, clear measurement of progress to agreed deliverables and a commitment to reduce complexity 
  • Regular and timely reviews and communication with key stakeholders to avoid surprises

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