Benefits of utilising us

Let’s face it, every organisation has some budgetary constraints to operate within, price does play an important part in any decision making process. Our fees are reasonable and we offer great value to all our clients for numerous reasons:

a)    We offer advice and insight into good practice based upon our  multi-sector exposure and experience working with organisations in Advertising,  Automobiles, Consumer Durables, Information Technology, Healthcare, Management Consulting, Media, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Leisure, Technology, Telecommunication, Transportation, Utilities, Government and the Public Sector.

b)    Our ability to create effective Strategy is coupled with ensuring its effective execution. We implement meticulously, ensuring knowledge and capabilities are transferred to carry on without us.

c)    Our understanding of culture and its impact across international jurisdictions, emerging  and mature markets has been gained from working with organisations across UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Mauritius, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

d)    Our willingness and enthusiasm to work to client requirements and pace as well as refine our approach to suit client requirements and organisational culture ensures all our outcomes are effectively integrated with other client initiatives and plans.

We take great care to build honest and constructive relationships with all our clients and routinely review our performance to identify the difference our involvement has made and what we could do differently or better.

Clients have often expressed and appreciated that:

a)    We are a small firm without large benches of associates to deploy. All our colleagues share our values and commitment to flawless delivery and willingly go the extra mile for our clients.

b)    We don’t deploy any junior resource and never pitch with the best and deliver with the rest. All our resources are highly credible and experienced and have been exposed to good practices in a multitude of industry sectors.

c)    We can work independently with very little hand holding and bring along the confidence, intellectual capabilities and gravitas to effectively work with senior client stakeholders, offering healthy challenge and ‘holding up the mirror’ when necessary. We roll up our sleeves and get on with the task at hand.

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